BrainCert Launches World’s First WebRTC based HTML5 Virtual Classroom In 50 Languages

We are super excited to announce the launch of world’s first WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) based HTML5 Virtual Classroom in 50 Languages. HTML5 is an open source markup language that does not require a plug-in to run its applications. Removing the need for proprietary plug-ins like Adobe Flash certainly closes a common attack vector, and because HTML5 updates are delivered through browser updates, they're far more likely to be applied than patches for plug-ins.

We have replaced our Flash based online virtual classroom with a new HTML5 version for better functionality. We are aware of the serious security risks and vulnerabilities posed by Flash plug-in. Google, Mozilla, Amazon all have banned Flash, Apple doesn’t support it and Facebook is worried too. Thus, it was a necessary decision for us to switch to a safer HTML5 version which is supported by all top desktop browsers and we are soon to add support for iOS/Android devices.

Our new online classroom will nicely emulate the aura of physical classrooms where you can access live & recorded sessions as well as can take part in premium face-to-face video & audio conferences with several interactive whiteboards. And the fact that now our classroom is available in 50 languages, students from almost any country can avail our classroom.

BrainCert has come up with a secure low-latency infrastructure & state of the art HTML5 collaboration platform equipped to offer live classes, webinars, conferences, meeting to the audience anywhere. The new WebRTC technology enables one to use web browser like an effective video conference endpoint which eliminates the need for the browser plug-ins like Flash.

HTML5 Virtual Classroom

HTML5 Virtual Classroom features:

  • WebRTC based Ultra HD audio and video conferencing with great resiliency and multiple full HD participants.
  • Cloud based session recording and ability to download the recorded lessons easily in HD quality.
  • HD Screen Sharing over tabbed interface. You will be able to improve your computer-based classes through sharing the whole screen or simply one application.
  • Several interactive whiteboards are major element of virtual classroom which supports LaTeX math equations editor, Wolfram|Alpha answer engine, drawing & coloring tool, shapes & grids, save snapshots, and share documents & presentations in several tabs.
  • Our new technology also facilitates group chat, and robust annotation features.

A name of big repute across online classroom scenario, BrainCert speaks of a cloud all-in-one training platform with 4 core platforms including online tests, courses, virtual classroom, and content management platforms. HTML5 virtual classroom comes integrated in both E-Learning Platform and Enterprise LMS product offerings. The unified platform upholds increased productivity, major cost savings as well as improved, seamless, and secured user experience in all platforms. WebRTC is a credible standard for audio & video transmission in between browsers in the real time.

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