Experience the freedom of eLearning on this Independence Day

The Covid-19 pandemic has begun to ebb in the United States, yet most students remain in online or in hybrid learning programs. A recent survey conducted by the Education Department has found that almost 4 in 10 students continued to take all their classes remotely. Giving a strong sign that remote learning has become the new normal in the post-pandemic world.

While eLearning has been a blessing for educational systems across the country and the most viable option that's left on the table, most instructors still tend to have an aversion to it. The most commonly cited reasons for the aversion were the lack of universal access to infrastructure and the lack of technology-driven methodologies for learning.

BrainCert Virtual Classroom Technology – The Key to Democratizing eLearning

WebRTC powered virtual classrooms are the paradigm shift that happened in the eLearning industry during the latter half of the last decade. It offered students and instructors a technology-driven platform to interact in real-time and to create a collaborative learning environment virtually. The fact that WebRTC powered virtual classrooms primarily depend on the built-in capabilities of a browser, the classroom experience was unified for all the participants.

Understanding the potential of WebRTC in eLearning, we launched the world's first WebRTC based HTML5 Virtual Classroom in 2016. Since then, BrainCert's eLearning platform has been widely used by instructors to deliver over 50,000,000+ classroom hours to learners across the globe.

Inspired by the growing threat of the Pandemic & the increase in demand for platforms that could deliver a robust learning experience, we have rolled out our redesigned unified training platform with an improved UI & UX towards the end of 2020.

Built on a scalable, secure, and re-engineered architecture, BrainCert's award-winning unified training platform has made a huge impact in remote learning enabling solopreneurs, schools, universities, and enterprises to deliver effective online training and collaborate with remote teams across the globe.

​BrainCert's Independence Day Offer

On this 4th of July, as a token of appreciation to all the educational institutions & teachers who worked hard during the pandemic to ensure uninterrupted learning to students, we offer a flat 20% off on the annual subscription of BrainCert's unified training platform. The offer will be valid until July 10th, 2021

​​How to avail of the offer?

To avail the offer, you first need to sign up for a free 14-day premium trial. Don't worry we don't ask for your credit card details.

But why the free trial?

Well, that's because before you make a purchase decision, we want you to have unrestricted access to all of BrainCert's features. We want to give you the freedom on this independence day to explore our platform to see how you can leverage the most out of BrainCert.

We are certain that you will like the features & intuitiveness of our platform & we look forward to seeing you on board.


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