Online Testing Platform for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Do you want your organization’s hiring practices to leap into the new millennium? With BrainCert’s Online Testing Platform, you can easily increase the overall effectiveness of your business by conducting pre-hire testing, employee evaluation, and skills measurement.

BrainCert’s Online Testing platform (found here: allows recruiters and hiring managers to effectively test and pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates, thereby streamlining the hiring process and in turn optimizing the effectiveness and functionality of each new employee.

Online Testing Platform

This type of online testing provides recruiters and hiring managers with the opportunity to fully customize the tests, so as to be able to examine and measure the particular skills necessary for each position.

As we all know, recruiters are inundated with hundreds, sometimes even thousands of resumes and applications, and it is extremely difficult for even the most experienced HR professionals to distinguish the most apt candidates from just average ones. BrainCert’s Online Testing Platform shows recruiters and hiring managers exactly which candidates possess the necessary skills to successfully perform the duties of a particular position.

In addition to being fully customizable, BrainCert’s tests are easy to manage through the powerful centralized dashboard which allows you to create different types of questions – anything from multiple choice to video questions and everything in between. When someone completes your test, you will be provided with easy-to-read detailed test results, which can be accessed through a variety of platforms like Mobile, Web, or Tablet. You can also create award certificates with your organization’s logo and signatures, which can lead to increased brand awareness.

BrainCert’s Online Tests easily and conveniently improve the effectiveness and functionality of every business, thus contributing to the improvement of that business’ bottom line. By using this type of online testing in the hiring process, HR professionals are able to filter out the unsuitable candidates with greater speed and accuracy, and subsequently interview and hire those individuals whose skills and experience are best suited to the role. BrainCert’s Online Tests can also be used to evaluate existing employees and ensure their suitability for their roles, as well as identify areas and skills that can be improved upon. This will improve the operational efficiency of the business in both the short and the long term.

Start creating your unique customizable tests today at BrainCert Testing Platform.

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