Securely stream audio and video files inside Virtual Classroom

Now you can securely stream your audio and video files in a live Virtual Classroom session. BrainCert uses RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol)  for dynamic streaming, where the video quality automatically adjusts to changes in bandwidth. The biggest advantage of RTMP streaming is that it will show you the video from the beginning, and lets you seek to any point in time, before it has actually arrived. The RTMP server automatically streams bytes from the location requested. Hence you need not wait. You can skip what you don't want to see by simple seeking ahead.

In a live session, click on the media player icon:

Media Player

As an instuctor, you can copy/paste video URLs from YouTube or Vimeo to play in a live session for your attendees.

To play uploaded audio & video files from your content library, click on the "Play Audio & Video files from library" button as shown below:

Media Library

This brings up the media selection screen which automatically filters and shows only files with MP3 and MP4 extensions. Everytime you request a media file from your content library, BrainCert signs the URL which are time based tokens that are only valid for a limited period of time. Once that time window has expired, the access token contained in the link will no longer work. This ensures that your media files are always streamed securely and privately from our Content Delivery network (CDN).

Content Library files

Click on MP3 or MP4 file to play media files to you attendees. Your attendees can individually control the media player buttons to learn at their own pace.

Video Player

Video Player

Audio Player

Audio Player
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