Blended Learning Best Practices

“Blended Learning” is emerging in popularity among online learning circles these days. As blended learning is a combination of online and classroom learning, it is the best approach and one of the most effective way to teach. Though the term “Blended Learning” is been around a long time it has gained momentum only over the recent years as E-learning has become more accessible and easier to everyone.

The major benefit of blended learning is that instructors and learners can retain the benefits of traditional classroom face-to-face experience by leveraging the flexibility and convenience of an online course. There are many E-learning and LMS Platforms with blended learning support. These kinds of platforms are specifically designed for workforce training with usability to report and track.

Your learners can get a complete blended learning experience provided you follow the best practices of blended learning as below

Determine learning objective

Once you have decided to design course materials make yourself sure to determine a clear learning objective for each tasks following the previous task, else if there is no objective determined then your materials would be confusing for learners

Design courses to meet organization need

Make sure your blended learning courses meets your organization needs. Analyse the need of your organization and determine whether the need is to reach the global workforce or a necessity of workforce and design the course to meet the same

Make use of engaging content

Make use of engaging content which interest learners. Include interactive courses with rich multimedia visuals, interactive whiteboards, HD video and audio conference to engage learners.

Perform constant evaluation

You need to make sure that the training programs are deployed effectively to drive best results. After every training, plan out for a survey to evaluate your training plan. Frequently, perform the evaluation after every training to ensure if the training program drives the best result, if not derive a better learning plan and execute it.

Braincert is one such platform with an approach to blended learning. Both our E-learning and LMS platforms comes with blended learning support. It is a super easy-to-use and cloud-ready learning and teaching platform for your organization.

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