Top 10 things to consider when choosing an LMS

Choosing the best and right LMS is very vital to the success of your eLearning strategy. As there are many LMS products on the market, selecting the best LMS that suits your requirement with best features is really a time-consuming task.

The selection process of right LMS may seems to be overly complicated and time consuming. Considering the below features may help you to choose the best LMS that fits right for your business.

Powerful reporting

A good LMS should have powerful reporting system and give the admins the ability to generate reports automatically. While choosing an LMS a comprehensive reporting solution is unavoidable as it offers insights on learner’s performance.

Ease of integration

Sometimes, users of your LMS would simultaneously work with other platforms. Integration features like single sign-on (SSO) can help you to customize your LMS better. Single sign-on option enables user to access LMS with the same login credentials used for other applications.

Customer support

Customer support is another essential factor to consider while choosing an LMS. An LMS vendor should provide round the clock customer support to resolve any kind of issues related to function and maintenance.

SCORM compliant

SCORM is a technical specification for eLearning products. Make sure the LMS you choose is SCORM compliant. A SCORM compliant LMS runs any SCORM file just like a DVD player.

Multi-language support

The next important step to consider is an option for multi-language support. When you target people from different linguistic regions or from different parts of the world this multi-language feature is extremely useful.

Custom Branding

Make sure the LMS you look for is completely white-label that allows you to easily rebrand the LMS with your own logo, domain, users, look and feel, language and theme.

Essential Features

Before choosing an LMS, define your goals and choose the features of an LMS which works best for your company. Compare all the vendors and look out for all the major feature including course creation, certification tracking, mobile learning, gamification, asynchronous learning, video conferencing etc.,

Security and Reliability

As your eLearning course contains sensitive information and data, they must be protected with high security. When choosing an LMS look for all safety protocols to make sure all the stored information is safe. The LMS should use the advanced encryption standard which enables information transmission from your LMS to other platforms.

Braincert’s LMS is scalable and secure. As our customer’s data security is utmost importance to us, all our traffic is done over Secure Socket Layer(SSL), and customer files and stored in a top-grade secured infrastructure.

Mobile/Tablet ready

The LMS you purchase should be responsive enough with any kind of device. It leads the learners to access the training at their own comfort timings from their mobile device.


After we look at the innovative and security features, pricing is an important factor to consider. Make sure that LMS you look is affordable with necessary feature you look for.

Braincert's LMS is the only LMS with built-in WebRTC powered HTML5 Virtual Classroom that provides real-time collaboration and state-of-the-art classroom environment for all your learners. BrainCert's intuitive, modern and clean user interface is super responsive and optimized for almost any device.

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