BrainCert Arrives In New Avatar With Disruptive V3 Platform Update

It’s our great pleasure to announce that we have revamped our existing website of late in tune with the changing market demands. With a trendy outlook, enhanced UI/UX & loads of updated features, the latest make-over has further accentuated our appeal by a great extent. The huge and disruptive V3 platform promises improvements for online classes using virtual classroom, courses and testing platform, mobile learning, enhanced reports, e-commerce and core platform updates.

BrainCert is the only name in the market to offer multiple platforms under one single roof. While our contenders stop with selling online course, we chart further with our comprehensive synchronous & asynchronous education tools based in both Enterprise LMS & E-learning platform. As a result, we can easily assure you enormous cost savings, enhanced productivity as well as seamless, secure & improves experience across all the platforms.

Regular training platforms lack the in-built collaboration layer desired for uninterrupted synchronous & asynchronous collaboration between presenter & attendees. BrainCert has assured a welcome alternative to the situation with its highly-interactive virtual classroom that offers real-time live meetings, classes & webinars online - facilitating active engagement with students located anywhere in the world.

Our fully hosted & secure advanced Courses Platform has every tool needed for highly engaging, themed & blended courses over the internet. It’s just a breeze to gauge, analyze & view results of test takers virtually with our safe testing platform. BrainCert’s unified Content Management System enables users to upload, embed or manage the contents from local computer & multiple online sources like SlideShare, YouTube, Google Docs etc. all in one single place.

BrainCert would soon be launching advanced WebRTC based HTML5 Virtual Classroom to help with plugin-free audio/video conferencing – accompanied by multi interactive whiteboards as well as screen sharing facilities for group collaboration & training.

About BrainCert

BrainCert is the only all-in-one cloud educational platform with online testing platform, courses platform, award-winning virtual classroom, and unified content management system in one portal. All the 4 core building blocks of the BrainCert Platform come integrated in both E-learning platform and Enterprise LMS product offerings. BrainCert is used by several universities, mid-size to large organizations, and instructors. Alongside the innovative pricing model, BrainCert's new V3 release brings new capabilities to the educational platform to offer the most flexible and powerful e-learning solution designed for quickly evolving online training needs as well as third party virtual classroom integrations via REST API.

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