Improve Student Retention With Online Course And Test Completion Certificates

Rewarding your students with online certificates is a great way to improve student retention. With BrainCert's ready-made certificate templates you can quickly create and award professional certificates to your students. BrainCert offers an intuitive drag-and-drop certificate designer tool to easily customize and award course and test completion certificates online.

With BrainCert's all new certificate designer tool, your students are awarded a certificate for each course and test they complete. Students can download and print their personalized course and test completion PDF certificates online.

See KB notes on creating Course and Test completion certificates online.

Certificate Templates

You can select from our growing list of certificate templates and customize it. BrainCert's intuitive Certificate Engine comes with a drag-and-drop feature to change the word and image positions in the template.

Snip20151119 3

You can also upload your own custom certificate template from your computer.


Certificate Designer

BrainCert includes an advanced certificate design tool that makes it easy to upload your own background image, automatically populate the student names and other elements, change various pieces of text on the certificate and truly create a unique design best suited to your courses and tests.

BrainCert populates the student's name and completion date in the certificate automatically using tags.

  • Some of the supported tags for courses are {StudentName}, {CourseName}, and {CompletionDate}
  • Some of the supported tags for tests are {StudentName}, {TestName}, {TestScore}, and {CompletionDate}

You can also upload your company's logo or signature image. BrainCert allows you to customize the text in the certificate similar to the example given below:


You can drag and move the text and image blocks inside the certificate template to change the position. You can also preview the actual certificate output by clicking on "Preview Certificate" button and generate a high-quality PDF certificate.


Sample Course Completion Certificate:

PDF Certificate

Sample Test Completion Certificate:

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