BrainCert’s Redesigned Unified Training Platform – Gearing Up for the New Normal of eLearning

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the very way schools & other educational institutions functioned. Learning & assessment which were once greatly dependent on traditional methods were found to be ineffective when the world went into a complete lockdown at the beginning of 2020.

It was indeed a challenging time for the education systems across the world, and most of them were forced to shift to an online mode of teaching/learning overnight. Institutions that were once reluctant to change their traditional pedagogical approach were left with no alternatives but to embrace online teaching–learning.

​The Era of WebRTC Powered Virtual Classroom Technology

WebRTC powered virtual classrooms are the paradigm shift that happened in the eLearning industry during the pandemic. It offered students and instructors a platform to interact in real time and handle all typical classroom activities remotely.

The fact that WebRTC powered virtual classrooms primarily depends on the built-in capabilities of a browser, the classroom experience was unified for all the participants.

Inspired by the current situation and the need to provide a robust learning experience, we have rolled out a new design for our existing unified training platform. Users can now easily navigate and connect courses, tests, live classes, and data with a single, connected system.

​What has changed in the new design?

The redesigned platform now has an improved user interface (UI) and intuitive user experience (UX) that provide customers with faster access to all of BrainCert's features across the entire product ecosystem and scales with their needs over time.

The new responsive design has been enhanced for a better experience across different devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop displays. The enhancements made in the system will provide customers with a more role-based experience, making it easier for learners and instructors to navigate and stay productive.

​Our new platform is seeking to redefine how online learning can be consumed by today's students and to provide new age technologies for teachers to easily satisfy all their customer needs. With this new redesign, we are working to put BrainCert as the #1 Online Learning Platform Provider.
Priya Nair, Head of Customer Success and Products

Built on a scalable, secure, and re-engineered architecture, BrainCert's award-winning Virtual Classroom is making a huge impact in remote learning and enabling solopreneurs, schools, universities, and enterprises to deliver effective online training and collaborate with remote teams across the globe as an alternative to Zoom video conferencing.

​eLearning is here to stay

The need for online learning has become an essential component during the pandemic. It's not like we were not going towards online learning, it's just that the pandemic fast tracked the process in terms of adaptability by the teachers and students alike.

Online learning is here to stay because of the flexibility it offers, and it is something that people love. BrainCert offers the eLearning marketplace as one of their offerings. It helps people from the comfort of their homes browse through hundreds of courses and tests.

How BrainCert is disrupting the eLearning industry?

Online learning platforms are about building easily accessible tools for all kinds of courses and skills that people are wanting to learn. BrainCert offers the LMS platform for those who want a software ready to go out of the box with the virtual Classroom that is built on a scalable, secure, and re-engineered architecture. But you don't have to be limited to what we provide you with, if you want to build your own platform, we offer the APIs and plugins for that too.

Most people are not aware of all the comprehensive features that BrainCert has to offer. Hence, we want you to avail our free trial offer and we are confident that over time, you will realize the value of the functionalities and features we offer.

Contact us via the chat on our website to talk to one of our customer executives. Else, you can register here to start your free trial.

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