The Future of eLearning After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live, shop, work, and learn. However, even before Coronavirus became a part of our daily lives and vocabulary, eLearning was a quickly growing trend. In fact, according to the most recent statistics, the worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 Billion in 2025 and the revenues of the eLearning industry have grown by over 900% since 2000.

It is easy to see how e-learning has become so popular. Besides offering learning opportunities that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, eLearning delivers multiple benefits. Along with tracking capabilities and lower costs for education, eLearning provides coursework that is highly scalable, can be provided to dispersed groups, allows for global collaboration, and can be more personalized via branching and adaptive learning.

Advantages of Online Learning

A recent article in Forbes Magazine lists multiple advantages of online learning, including the ability of learning platforms to amass user data and use machine learning algorithms that can enhance people's learning patterns. This personalization applied to learning can more easily pinpoint a learner's needs than many classroom settings provide, and content can be adjusted based on the learner's strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, online learning can be scheduled at the learner's convenience. This is a significant advantage to learners wishing to further their careers through professional development and online classes. According to Javid Niazi-Hoffmann, preeminent coaching consultant from Germany, "While the online learning industry is growing at a rapid pace, it is now key to stay up to date with the latest developments. Entrepreneurs can dig into mastermind, coaching, and consummation programs to scale themselves rapidly. This is an incredible opportunity for those who go the extra mile."

Safety and Convenience in One Program

With privacy being an important concern for many institutions and companies using eLearning as part of their student and employee development, online learning platforms come loaded with top of the line security features.

Additionally, eLearning platforms vary in their individual features ranging from limited video conferencing and screen sharing available on a platform like Zoom, to more advanced setups to make the eLearning process easier.

In addition to ensuring the privacy and safety of users with 256-bit SSL encrypted connection, especially of those who are school aged, BrainCert is the only platform with a built-in WebRTC powered HTML5 Virtual Classroom that provides a real-time collaboration and state-of-the-art classroom environment for all your learners.

It also offers a Content Management System and online testing capabilities, in addition to the ability to collaborate in real-time with developer friendly APIs to integrate with your own website, LMS, CMS or applications.

BrainCert also features an interactive, responsive whiteboard, offering users the power to write or draw effortlessly in true 16:9 aspect ratio across mobile, web or tablet devices. Ours is an eLearning platform that allows you to deliver the same high-quality education online that students get in a physical classroom.

Learning is a two-way street between teachers and students which has come even more to the fore with COVID-19. This means that the requirements are ever changing and there is an increased demand for new ways to build interest so that anyone can learn online.

At BrainCert, we have taken into consideration the unprecedented challenges that have come up with the surge in eLearning requirements in 2020 and has addressed them in our eLearning products. They are well placed to provide and customize when it comes to virtual delivery and the many virtual deliverables available.

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