Disruptive new technology to record and play live classes instantly

BrainCert has launched a new major update to the HTML5 Virtual Classroom that features the much-awaited instant recording and playback capabilities without the need for the time-consuming video conversion process.

This disruptive new HTML5 technology delivers live class and webinar experiences that most people thought impossible.

This innovative solution records all your classroom activities such as whiteboard actions, audio and video conference streams, shared screens, group chat, presentations, streamed audio and video files and combines all in to a high-definition video file. You can play the recordeding as soon as your session is over or when the stop recording button is clicked inside virtual classroom by the instructor. There is no need to wait for video conversion process.

Virtual Classroom generates a new WEBM video file in the cloud which can be played online across all devices - web, mobile or tablet. Use tools like handbrake to convert .webm video file to other formats like .mp4.

Check our API changelog to track all new virtual classroom updates and new features.

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