5 Steps to Start a Successful Online Teaching Business

When you’re ready to take your teaching from the classroom to the Internet, you want to have the right tools at your fingertips to make the experience as interactive and as easy to use as possible for both you and your students. With our wide range of sophisticated online learning features, you can start your online teaching business in no time and be at the forefront of online education technology.

1) Identify Your Market

Decide who you want to reach with your lessons, and determine what, exactly, you want to teach. Using an all-in-one training platform like BrainCert, you can teach anything you want from anywhere in the world. For example, if you’re teaching math or science, use the virtual classroom tools such as LaTeX equation editor that let you build the equations and Wolfram Alpha for populating graphical answers on the whiteboard. Deliver blended courses to let students learn at their own pace and use a web-based HTML5 virtual classroom to deliver one-on-one or group classes in real-time.

2) Market Your Business

Advertise your business in relevant outlets so that the number of students you have grows. Be sure to point out to them that you use the latest in online learning to make their experience engaging. They’ll be able to share their screen with you and you with them with our tabbed share screen feature. They can draw or write on the whiteboard, and you can both mark up anything, whether it’s a blank board, document, or image. Additionally, you can watch videos together in the platform to further add dimension and explanation to lessons.

Use social media tools to share it with your friends, colleagues, potential students and let people know on Facebook or other social media platforms and encourage your networks to spread the word. Always use automated notifications, marketing emails and newsletters, so you can send out news about updates to your students and track the email performance using built-in analytic tools.

3) Offer Live Classes or Webinars

With live classes, your students can do more than just watch a video and email you questions. They can get answers from you in real-time with stable, high-resolution video and audio conferencing features. Additionally, you can brand the classroom so that it matches your company’s look and feel to be even more professional.

You can work with your students, or your students can work together using our collaboration features as well. What better way to flip a classroom than to offer small group classes where students do their homework first and then come to your online class, ready to work together in an online classroom environment? Upload documents, markup pages and screens, chat, share videos, and collaborate in other ways in our online learning environment.

4) Assess Your Students to Demonstrate their Progress

Your students want to know that they are actually learning something. With our easy-to-use test builder, you can create assessments that gauge how much students have learned at any particular point. Whether you choose to do online classes or to offer an online course hosted on our platform, tests help students to understand how much they have learned and provide them with the chance to go back and relearn if necessary, whether that’s by asking you questions or redoing part of a hosted course.

When you offer your students the rich, involving experience of learning through our platform, they will tell others about the positive experience they had working with you. This leads to more business for you down the road through word-of-mouth referrals. Your business will begin to take off when you utilize the best in online collaboration, course hosting, and live learning.

5) Effectively use E-Commerce and Marketing Tools

List your courses, tests and live classes in the marketplace to sell it to global audience. Use advanced features such as discount coupons for promotions and create one-time or recurring subscriptions with time restrictions to increase your sales.

Like any business, you’ll want to be competitive. See what others are charging for similar classes, and try to understand where you fit in. Enable reviews and encourage students to write honest reviews about your courses. Finally, answering all customer questions quickly and efficiently will help improve customer loyalty.

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