Increase Employee Engagement Through Gamification with an LMS

Gamification is a technique that combines game mechanics with non-game environments such as websites, Virtual Classrooms in LMS, and online communities, to enhance participation. The main aim of this technique is to involve the customers, employees, and other participants in interactions and collaboration.

Gamification is considered a great strategy to drive employee retention and to motivate and influence employees' behavior. It is primarily conducted to increase employee or customer engagement to influence outcomes in any business. To further optimize the company’s performance, gamification initiatives can be added in the workplace to enhance the engagement of employees.

How effective is gamification?

  1. Gamification has changed the way industry works today. Whether it is for employees or customers, gamification elements used in the programs have derived engagement dramatically. Several industries have adopted this method to boost learning and collaboration within the workplace. The tool encourages employees to participate more to accomplish their work targets and milestones.
  2. In addition, gamification helps in to track employee performance and skills gaps by recognizing employees’ efforts and contributions, and based on that, they are assigned valuable rewards.
  3. With gamification, organizations have noticed 37% fewer absent staff, 25% to 60% less churn rate, 90% of employees are more productive, 86% of employees feel more engaged, and 72% of employees say gamification encourages them to work hard.
  4. Driving healthy competition among staff, gamification has caught employees’ attention, running and working hard to collect badges and gain points. Gamification is here for the long haul, using a digital environment to motivate employees to meet their objectives.

Gamification for Motivation and Engagement

  1. It has been observed that gamification plays an integral role in enhancing employees’ performance. Moreover, having the right training process is important for the company’s bottom line, and gamification is an excellent way to train your employees.
  2. By employing the gamification principle, companies can easily motivate and enroll employees in new training sessions.
  3. With the help of gamification, employees are thoroughly motivated to complete the given task and avail rewards. Gamification in the workplace helps companies to meet their objectives.
  4. When employees are highly engaged and determined to perform their tasks with full enthusiasm, it becomes certain that the company avails of maximum benefits.
  5. A dedicated employee assures maximum productivity, leading to an increase in revenue and conversion rates. Thus, gamification sparks inspiration among employees, resulting in better learning and efficient product delivery.
  6. The basic idea behind gamification was to keep individuals engaged and boost their participation level by introducing fascinating and target-based tasks. With friendly competition involved and rewards that come with it, employees are always ready to put in their best.
  • It is a digital system that can reach and engage every employee in the company.
  • It helps in implementing effective strategies that are allied with the target and incline to learn objectives.
  • It can efficiently execute different gaming concepts that ensure the team stays motivated and determined to meet its target.
  • It helps in completing dynamic and target-sensitive tasks that entail critical decision-making and problem-solving expertise.

Gamification is a powerful feature

At its core, gamification means the adding of game mechanics into the learning process to make courses more attractive for a user to complete or repeat. It’s generally used to increase learner engagement with your content.

The concept may seem a little frivolous as it’s often perceived as creating games for organizations. But Gamification in eLearning can be an invaluable tool. Think of it as adding existing elements of game mechanics like influencing behavior and rewarding competition.

How to use gamification in your eLearning strategy?

Using gamification as another layer to your eLearning works best, so Remember, great content is still the most important thing! Use it after you’ve created your courses as a way to boost adoption, competition, and engagement.

It’s important to also use it when it’s appropriate and know when it’s right for your organization. You can experiment with badges and points to see how it impacts your learners. It’s all trial and error here so test this feature out!

Overall, gamification is a powerful motivator and it can work amazingly well to get your learners using your LMS and finishing their courses.

To SumUp

In order to promote learner engagement in your eLearning programs, incorporate gamification into the learning process. Learner engagement has been rapidly declining for the past few years, and eLearning professionals have attempted to address this issue for a while now. You get all the tools you need to keep your learners engaged with BrainCert's gamification extension.

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