Streamline the onboarding process with a collaborative learning management system

For a number of reasons, a learning management system can make onboarding easier for new hires, including making sure that the materials they need are delivered in a timely manner, simplifying the delivery of materials, and providing several other benefits, but some learning management systems are better suited to the task than others. Listed below are a few of the steps that I consider important to speed up an employee's onboarding process in a learning management system

Steps involved in accelerating employee onboarding in LMS

Progress Tracking

Onboarding, sales training, and other forms of employee training are managed with a learning management system, which provides advanced reports and analytics. You can use these results to formulate an individual training plan for a recruit or re-evaluate the effectiveness of your training programs.

It's a fact that tracking progress can be both important and motivating in everything you do. Training software for employees is no different. In addition to knowing where your employees stand in the onboarding process, you will also be able to track their progress. Just a few clicks in your browser will let you know whether they are on track or if they need a little help during the process.  

Build a corporate culture

Improve the efficiency of orientation meetings by organizing them in a more efficient manner. There is an online website where all the information necessary about the company is available, including its policies, rules, goals, and details about its departments. Using traditional text, video, audio, online collaboration, social media, quizzes, games, and more, ensure employees are engaged with the content you provide.

Also, if time is limited, microlearning can be completed in short bursts to ease busy schedules. As a result of the diversity of content delivery, you are also fostering an environment of inclusion in your onboarding process. Using a Learning Management System like BrainCert, you can provide employees with the information they need in the format they prefer, allowing everyone on your team to perform well and be more productive.

Quick start

In contrast to traditional learning management systems, cloud-based learning management systems are easier to set up and customize, since there is no software to install. In order to facilitate onboarding without requiring sufficient training on the learning management system, both trainers and learners require an intuitive, clutter-free interface to achieve this.

In addition to this, it is possible to combine courses into different learning paths according to departmental preference and employee type. For example, your onboarding program could cover both retail and warehouse personnel, but the introductory content would be the same, but there could be differences in the procedures.

Saving Time and Money

With this method, you are able to save on the cost of instructors and transportation and avoid finding a time that works for everyone. Whenever and wherever you want, you can learn online. By allowing staff to access web-based classes online and on-demand, you can get them back to work faster.

The cost of travel, venue, and the instructor can be reduced by bringing training online, where it can be reused time and time again without having to purchase additional equipment. At a cost-efficient price, LMS offers onboarding software that allows your employees to learn as they go.

Support for various types of content

For an onboarding program to engage employees, it is important to use a variety of media and content types. There may also be a video with an introduction from the managing director that appears as part of its onboarding program, as well as a dialogue simulation that explains how to report an issue to HR as part of the onboarding program.

With an onboarding program that sets your employees up for success, including competency frameworks, succession planning, and additional training involving further training, it's all about setting your employees up for success. It is imperative that performance can be tracked in order for it to be effective.

To Conclude

Using BrainCert's onboarding and training software, new hires can easily accomplish the process of learning how to onboard online and become more productive in their careers. The thing worth mentioning is that it has an intuitive interface, a lot of features, and a fair price that makes it one of the best options available. It therefore no longer disrupts the team members when a new person is onboarding them. This will give you the chance to grow with new talent and mentor them as well so that they can grow with you.

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