5 Inspiring Ideas to Create a Powerful and Engaging E-learning Content

Online teaching and learning is emerging due to the increase of online learners. E-Learning market is expected to reach USD 240 billion by the year 2022. Online learners have ample sources to figure out the information they need. As an online instructor you have many competitions, hence you need to make sure that course keeps your learner engaged from beginning to end. With the recent advances in technology it is possible for any online instructor or an E-learning content developer to create courses that engage learners. With the platform like BrainCert, the job becomes even more easy. BrainCert provides right set of tools to create an engaging online course in minutes.

Before spending more time, money or emotional energy creating and marketing your new online course, you need to make sure that your course is a winner before you go to market. This article covers the 5 best ideas to create an engaging E-learning content.

1. Know Your Audience

Before developing an E-learning content you need to understand well about your audience. Knowing more about target audiences plays a vital role when creating an E-learning course. Understand the size of your target audience to ensure you generate expected revenue. Build content based on your target audience requirements, circumstances, preferences and interests. Perform a deep research to know about their demographics, knowledge skills, educational background and their designation etc., Also figure out the challenges or constraints they come across and make sure your course covers all those.

2. Organize Your Content

If your content is long and tedious then obviously no one will like it. There is no use in creating content which no one likes. You need to ensure that your content is short and help your learners digest it easily. No matter if you are developing a new content from scratch or re-purposing old content, organizing your content plays a vital role when comes to effective
E-Learning program. Do not give too much of information at once. Clearly organize what to present at first and last.

3. Add Meaningful Interactions

Interactions are always important to retain and engage your learners. Learning becomes more engaging when you include interactions. Interactive elements such as call-to-action, images, texts, collecting learners-feedback, trigger-based action etc., should be a part of your E-learning course to make it more engaging.

4. Compelling Visual Experience

You need to grab your learners eyeball by beautifully presenting it. The term “content” does not only refers text in an E-learning course, it also refers images and videos that looks visually appeal. Pay attention to font size, type and colour and use compelling images. You need to design a visually appealing e-Learning course including all graphic elements that grabs your learner’s attention from the start to the end.

5. Define Learning Objective

It is vital to frame your learning objective in order to facilitate good course design and development. Learning objectives enable you to frame content accordingly and gives a clear picture of what learner would be able to gain at the completion of the course.

With platform like BrainCert, you can easily create highly interactive, themed and blended courses online in minutes. Our intuitive course creation wizard allows you to create interactive courses easily using our pre-defined set of customizable templates.

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