Introducing New Datacenter Locations For Virtual Classroom

We're happy to announce that BrainCert now offers over 12 low-latency datacenter locations worldwide - the largest secure global infrastructure, enabling you to schedule and launch live virtual classroom sessions no matter where you or your attendees may be!

One Virtual Classroom, Four Continents

Not all virtual classroom softwares are created equal. At BrainCert, we invest heavily in the WebRTC technology and deploy several high-performance server clusters in our hybrid cloud infrastructure in four continents while maintaining performance, reliability, security and scalability. Our data centers boast an industry-leading track record of 99.99% guaranteed uptime. With 12+ data centers in four continents, you can now offer global footprint for your customers by integrating virtual classroom in your website leveraging our developer API.

Low-latency fast connections

The physical proximity of the datacenter regions closer to your home location means reduced latency, often resulting in a dramatic improvement in app responsiveness to your live class attendees.

Schedule classes in confidence

Now you can select a global region of your choice when scheduling live classes. The ability to schedule live sessions virtually anywhere in the world also increases redundancy and fault tolerance in case of a disaster. You can provide an additional layer of business continuity, or to provide low latency access across the globe.


Simple API to set location

Use 'isRegion' API call to set a global location of your choice for your classes. Within the next few months, BrainCert will expand with at least 2 new locations: São Paulo in Brazil and Paris in France.

0 =>Intelligent routing to nearest location (Experimental)

1 =>US East (Dallas, TX)

2 =>US West (Los Angeles, CA)

3 =>US East (New York)

4 =>Europe (Frankfurt, Germany)

5 =>Europe (London)

6 =>Asia Pacific (Bangalore, India)

7 =>Asia Pacific (Singapore)

8 =>US East (Miami, FL)

9 =>Europe (Milan, Italy)

10 =>Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Japan)

11 =>Middle East (Dubai, UAE)

12 =>Australia (Sydney)

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