Introducing WebRTC support in Safari 11 on macOS and iOS

We're super excited to announce the rollout of a new virtual classroom major version with support for WebRTC in macOS and iOS devices using Safari 11 browser.

BrainCert customers can now join live virtual classroom sessions from Safari 11 browser on macOS or from iPhone/iPad devices that runs on iOS 11. This will help you reach more users with an even better video conferencing experience in live virtual classroom sessions.

Apple recently announced that the new Safari 11 browser version will support WebRTC - a major milestone for the web that BrainCert's HTML5 Virtual Classroom is built on. WebRTC is a credible standard for transmitting audio and video between browsers in real time without having to install additional plugins.

Now, you can leverage BrainCert's virtual classroom from virtually any device using a simple browser:

  • Desktop Browsers: Chrome, FireFox
  • iOS Mobile/Tablet: Safari 11
  • Android Mobile/Tablet: Opera, Chrome

iOS support using Safari 11 - important pointers:

  • Toggle switch for camera: In iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, we can only show either back or front camera. Simply click on the toggle switch to change the camera in virtual classroom.
  • Screen sharing limitation - Please note that screen cannot be shared as instructor in Safari 11 browser. However, students can view the screen of the instructor shared when attending class from Safari 11 browser.

We hope you'll enjoy this update. If you have any questions or comments, please email or create a support ticket.

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