Virtual Classroom Major Version Released - New Features Inside!

Great News! BrainCert has released a new virtual classroom major build focused on performance and stability was pushed to all our edge locations today. This major version release is a departure from our previous version upgrades and contains many new features and core technology changes.

We're confident that you'll enjoy superior connectivity to the classroom, faster network traversal and amazing performance with audio/video calls.


  • We've built high-end custom STUN/TURN servers that works amazingly fast over Transport Layer Security (TLS) transport. You'll always be able to connect to our servers no matter how difficult your network firewall is setup to block UDP or TCP traffic.
  • BrainCert leverages Internap's Performance IP™ feature in select locations (New York, California, Dallas and Singapore) that uses next-generation Managed Internet Route OptimizationTM (MIRO) technology. Performance IP enhances BGP by considering additional factors to find the fastest path, including latency, jitter and service-degrading brown and black outs. Reduces latency by 35 milliseconds per packet round-trip time on average, compared with sub-optimal carrier routes. BrainCert routes traffic over redundant, high-speed connections and dynamically connect you to the best performing route across the internet and shield your traffic from the risk of network outages, providing reliable, stable and consistent connectivity.
  • All datacenter locations (including the Performance IP™ locations mentioned above) leverage BrainCert's disruptive WebRTC Alternative Route Path (WARP) technology that offers best possible performance to end users.


Check our platform specific changelog to track all changes and new features.

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