New Feature: Course Assignments to Track Student Progress

BrainCert recently introduced the 'Assignments' feature for instructors to easily create and manage assignments for enrolled students in a course.

Course Assignments

This new feature can be effectively used to create an individual or group assignments, and track the progress. Assignments comes with some of the essential project-management capabilities that let you assign tasks, manage resources and track various metrics related to your course assignments.

Add Assignments

BrainCert's Assignments feature provides a flexible foundation you need to assign tasks and track progress, so you know with certainty that everything is getting done on time and schedule. You can set due date, set status, and participate in forum style threaded discussions.

Assignments Forum

Assignments is definitely an awesome way to keep your students on track. All your tasks workflow is shown in one place for you to easily track the progress. You can customize the 'filters' to sort the assignments by everyone or individual students.

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