Virtual Classroom: New Updates, and Future Roadmap

We've been working hard and released new updates to the Virtual Classroom to make it better, faster, and simpler. This new release has quite a few new features and improvements so we’re really excited to get this one out to you for you to try out.

Here's what's new:

Global Server Selection

When scheduling a live class, you have the ability to set a server location closer to you. This greatly improves the Virtual Classroom performance and reduces network latency. More regions will be added in the future.

Snip20151018 3

iCal Integration

As the most requested feature, we’re incredibly excited to launch our all new iCal feature for live class invitations. With our latest integration, you can now get the big picture of all your class details and reminders, in your calendar of choice.

When you send out live class invitations, it adds .ics file as an email attachment.

Snip20151018 4

New Weekly Scheduling Feature

'Recurring classes' is a powerful feature to schedule your live classes that repeats daily, weekly, or monthly. We have introduced a weekly scheduler for your classes that can repeat on a selected day of the week automatically.

Snip20151018 5

Forcing 'HTTPS' for Virtual Classroom

Enterprise LMS supports launching classes in HTTP or HTTPS using a BrainCert subdomain or extenally mapped domain. Certain features such as 'HTML5 Screen Sharing' requires HTTPS protocol strictly and will not work in HTTP. For this reason, we have forced launching all your live classes from your Enterprise LMS to always use HTTPS protocol using registered subdomain.

For more info, check our blog post on the all new HTML5 Screen Sharing feature.

Future Roadmap

We are super excited to announce the roadmap for our all new Virtual Classroom that we have decided to code from scratch. This will be released in Jan 2016.

All New Virtual Classroom

Something Big is Coming Soon....

Keep it between the two of us :)

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