New Virtual Classroom "Next-Generation" Version Released

We're excited to announce the rollout of a new major virtual classroom NextGen version across all global locations. This new build introduces some amazing features and improves overall stability of the application.

The rapid growth of virtual learning is leading to the evolution of BrainCert's next-generation HTML5 virtual classroom application that’s qualitatively different than other similar applications out there in the market. BrainCert is driving new innovations in the virtual classroom market segment and fostering new business models powered by our flexible and powerful APIs.

New Features:

1) Introducing "New Enhanced Recorder"

New Enhanced Recorder is designed to record the entire browser tab including all the app icons and layout. Customers can choose between current standard and all-new enhanced recorder layouts for recorded videos.


2) Improved DPI for uploaded documents

Improved DPI (dots per inch) offers improved quality for all your documents on the whiteboard. Documents in general with a higher DPI will look much better when compared with those of a lower DPI. Now, the documents will look amazing across all the devices.


3) Plugin free Screensharing for Chrome 70+ browsers

Similar to our plugin-free screen sharing with Firefox browsers, this new update introduces the same technology with Chrome browsers version 70+ and above. This offers faster and improved performance when sharing entire desktop screen, application window or Chrome tab.


4) Enable/Disable video of all attendees globally

Introducing a new global option to mute or unmute webcam of all attendees similar to the microphone option available today.


5) Improved look for the stacked videos

Removed unnecessary black areas on the videos stacked on the right top of the application screen and increased the quality.

6) Show angle when drawing straight lines

Teaching maths is now lot of fun. With this new feature, you can dynamically find out the angle of a straight line. Angles are measured in degrees, written °. The maximum angle is 360°. This is the angle all the way round a point. Half of this is the angle on a straight line, which is 180°.


7) Text editor support

Introducing dynamic text editor support to select font, size and colors when writing text on the whiteboard using the 'text tool'.


8) Improved bandwidth usage and CPU consumption

Improved bandwidth consumption when switching between video conferencing, screen sharing and recording by adapting to the conditions and lowered CPU usage across all devices.

9) Improved Code Editor

Virtual Classroom comes integrated with a modern, sleek looking, feature-rich and collaborative code editor to teach programming online. It provides powerful IDE-like features along with support for scripting languages such as HTML, CSS, Python, PHP and many more letting the instructor to teach code with great speed and efficiency. This advanced code editor also support changing editor background for enhanced view. Instructor can pass controls to the students to code together.

Snip20190317 102

10) Improved 'Connectivity Test' tool

An improved connectivity test tool offers fast and accurate test results. This tool checks the browser version and compatibility, download and upload speed, packet loss checks, and audio/video quality.

Snip20190317 104

Track all the changes in our online changelog:

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