New Virtual Classroom Update - Dec 2016

Network/Firewall Traversal

We're happy to introduce our newly upgraded network traversal capability to the HTML5 Virtual Classroom software especially for corporate people behind enterprise firewalls. This works transparently in the background keeping your users connected all the time even if they are behind strict firewalls and NATs.

Fast Document Conversion

We've improved the document conversion time and upload speed for all your uploaded contents inside the Virtual Classroom. You can also upload files such as DOC, PPT, and PDF in advance and share it with your students from your content library in a live session.

Improved Whiteboard Experience

We have fixed several minor issues related to the whiteboard tools, and improved the overall performance significantly. Some of the fixes include:

Fixed recording related issues. All recordings will be processed as 720p MP4 files.
Fixed several cosmetic, and minor usability issues related to the whiteboard.
Fixed audio & video issues in Android mobile phones and tablets when using a Chrome browser. Opera browser works fine.
Fixed whiteboard loading issue in Chrome/Safari/ Ericsson Bowser browsers in iPad/iPhone devices. Audio & Video support for iOS will be introduced soon in the upcoming major release.

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