Proctoring for Online Exams using Virtual Classroom technology

We all know that E-learning is the future of learning. Due to the rapid growth of the E-learning industry, there is a need for various supporting technologies. Virtual Proctoring is one such supporting technology.

Braincert leverages Virtual Proctoring technology to uphold the integrity of online examinations. Our innovation in the online exam proctoring process is the key point that sets us apart. Our software helps educational institutions, corporations, Individual trainers, and other leading firms to conduct secure online exams at ease.

Virtual Proctoring

Proctoring refers to the act of supervising a course or an exam. It is a kind of remote proctoring where students can take a test from any location provided, he/she has a high-speed internet connection leveraging advanced technologies such as monitoring software and videos to prevent the candidates from indulging in malpractices.

In Online Exam Proctoring or Online Video Test Proctoring, a candidate is monitored online during the test duration typically with the help of a webcam, mic, and access to the screen of the candidate.

Our virtual classroom software can be used to conduct proctored exams wherein a proctor can monitor the students taking the exams through the virtual video. It provides WebRTC-based Ultra HD audio and video conferencing without having to install additional plugins.

Our software has a powerful reporting and analytics dashboard to quickly obtain a wide variety of useful data such as duration, time in/out, and attendance reports about your attendees.

Check the minimum system requirements KB note to use our Virtual Classroom

Creating an Online Test in LMS

Step 1: In the teach menu, click on “Create a test”

Step 2: Name your test

Step 3: Under “Advanced Settings” allow or deny the test taker from viewing answers when the test is in progress.

If you choose “yes”, the scoring algorithm cannot be changed

If you choose “No” you can enable the “scoring algorithm”

Proctor screenshot

Step 4: The timer can be turned on or off your test. If the test is time-based, students would need to finish the test before the time specified here

For more information click here

Adaptive Testing

Braincert’s adaptive scoring algorithm determines the appropriate level of difficulty for the next question. In this case, the test begins with a question of medium difficulty, and if those questions are answered right the test engine will select a question that is more difficult.

This kind of difficulty level will continue until the test is completed. At the end of the test adaptive testing, the computer will be able to assist your level of ability in the specific field.

Enrolling in the test:

An instructor will send an invitation link to the student/attendee in which the student need to login or signup with the same email ID to take up the proctored test which will be monitored by a proctor.

Would you like to give our platform a try?

Make use of Braincert’s adaptive testing platform to create and assign tests to external or internal candidates. Also, you can easily customize and deliver any form of tests and assessments to fit your training needs.

Tests can be shared with external users who do not have a BrainCert user account using the "shareable link" feature. This can be used to create unique links and shared via email to students, or can be embedded into your website. You can also charge students for the test and collect payments.

Click here to learn more about "shareable tests"

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