Proven strategies to sell your online course and increase sales in 2019

The term “online learning” is been around in the internet for the long time and in recent years it has exploded absolutely in popularity. The peer-to-peer economy has grown enormous and nowadays it is even possible for an average person to cash out purely by sharing his/her unique knowledge and stuffs. Online courses are a great way to generate an additional income, transforming one’s expertise into an online course.

Some savy developers are making even millions by creating and selling their own online courses. One of the best dreams of many online entrepreneurs is building a digital asset especially like an online course which makes you money even when you are asleep. If you have skills and talents consider yourselves transforming them to an online course for an additional income.

Why online courses are the best passive income generator?

Creating an online course is the best choice to generate passive income in the long run because of 3 main reasons

  • No overhead:

The sale made is completely for you as there is no charge you are owing to distributors. There is no need of payment for your workers and the rent for your physical space setup.

  • Scalable:

Online courses are always scalable. You can always double your income on a monthly or yearly basis by enrolling new students just working minimal hours a day updating your course.

  • Last Long:

Your online courses will last long for years generating you more income as long as you promote it. Just creating one piece of informative online course will yield you big results. As long as you promote your course you can earn big with the same piece of content which you have created in a long run. So you can always resell your same online course continuously.

E-learning industry have witnessed a enormous increase and it is expected to reach $243 billion dollars by 2020. Online courses are accepted by massive people and they are ready to pay for courses to gain more informations. Make use of this opportunity and try creating an engaging content.

After creating an online course you do not stop there you need to think of selling the course to users. So you need to plan well to get the attention of people to pay for your course.

Let’s now see the proven strategies to sell your online courses and increase your sales

1) Choosing a right Topic for your course

The topic of your online course plays a vital role when it comes to sales. So, you must choose an interactive and informative topic that you are good at. You can first make list of things you know and choose the best one which has a good market demand. Below are some topics that you try creating an online course if you find yourselves good at.

  • Arts and crafts
  • Academics
  • Music
  • Health & Fitness
  • Website Development
  • Mobile app Development
  • Recipes and Cooking
  • Photography
  • Beauty & fashion
  • Softskill development
  • Communication development
  • Entrepreneurial skill development

The above listed topics are just examples and there are plenty of topics to choose from.

2) Do your own market research

You must do your own market research to identify the audience. You must create a content on topics that people are likely to pay for. You must ensure your online course helps people to advance their skills and have a value to help them achieve their goal.

3) Naming your course

Once you are confident about the topic you choose, you need to think about naming your course right. Make sure the name of your course include major keywords that people use while searching for a course like yours.

For example, if your course is about SEO basics, you could name your course something like below

  • An Introduction to SEO
  • SEO Beginner’s guide 2019
  • Ultimate Guide For SEO 2019

4) Create your lessons

Start creating lesson plans for your online course by carefully accessing the needs of your students. So after defining your audience you can go ahead with the lesson plan to help them out

  • Assign learning objectives to each part of your course for a smooth learning.
  • Create simple lessons which are short and digestible
  • Introduce learning path feature and plan a series of courses to create a sequential delivery in specific order to help your students to follow a right learning journey

5) Formatting course

You can use one of the industry-standard platforms to format an online course. Also, you can use everyday tools like PDF and Powerpoint to create quality courses. Make sure that your courses are in a proper format and can be accessible on users laptops or mobiles with audio and video files attached.

Using a platform like Braincert adds more functionality to your online course. It is compliant with SCORM and helps you to create compelling content for your learners helping your business to grow.

6) Find the best platform to load your course

Though creating and selling an online course seems a great way to generate passive income it is not an easy task unless you invest in right tools and services to deliver your content to your audience. If you decide to create and sell your online course then you must need to have a website and hosting. Also, you must have a Learning Management system and a payment gateway to get paid and these will be your time-consuming task and you might face many obstacles when you set this up on your own.

Instead, you can use the best platform like Braincert where you can create everything you need in one unified platform. Just upload your course to our platform and will take care of the rest. You do not need to worry about hosting, payment gateways and landing pages as we will get that done for you.

7) Promote your course

Now its time for you to promote your online course.

  • Reward Stream

You can introduce reward stream to your buyers

  • Special Offers

You can consider giving special offers to repeated buyers

  • Contest

You can run a contest in social media and provide a discount to the winner.

  • Podcast

Launch and promote your online course organizing a podcast

  • Live Webinars

Showcase your teaching skills by hosting a live webinar to attract your target audience

  • Email

Start collecting the email list of your targeted buyers and send a promotional email about your online course

  • YouTube Channel

Create your own YouTube channel as it has billion users so leverage the power of it and try increasing your reach using it. Try creating promotional videos for your online course and promote it through YouTube. Make sure that you do atleast 3 videos every week to help you engage your target audience.

7) Rinse and Repeat

Rinse and repeat the above steps to gain more sales to your online course. Keep marketing your courses through all promotional methods to create a brand and increase your sales.

BrainCert offers the best and the most secure tools for building and selling courses that put you in the driver’s seat. Create your own online course in minutes which is highly interactive. The intuitive interface allows creating courses at ease using our pre-defined set of customizable templates.

Hope you have enjoyed reading our blog

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