5 most popular educational trends in 2022

During the Covid-19 pandemic, education across the globe has undergone tremendous changes. Learning, teaching, assessment, and training have been profoundly impacted by technologically driven solutions and products. The emergence of online and digital technologies has become increasingly significant in conventional education, including beginning school, middle school, and higher education.

Since education benefits across the board, it is essential to become familiar with the latest educational technology trends. The following are some of the most significant trends which will influence education in 2022, as well as the most significant technologies.

For kindergarten through 12th-grade students, we are seeing the integration of technology and instruction. As digital learning resources and new technologies are integrated into traditional teaching, online schools continue to gain popularity.

It is also possible for teachers to track how their students progress through courses using learning management systems. Their tracking system allows them to provide more timely coaching since they can see how their students are engaging with broadcast and recorded classes. The following are the educational trends to be seen in the future:

  • Increased adoption of AI
  • Micro-learning
  • Gamification
  • Extended Reality
  • Blockchain

Virtual Learning

Virtual reality and augmented reality will likely recreate brick-and-mortar schools in classrooms of the 21st century. Increasingly, people are becoming aware of the benefits of online learning platforms, which will grow to $319 billion dollars.

As a simple term, virtual learning involves using technology to deliver educational materials. Keeping the learner informed through e-learning tools takes a wide range of forms and shapes. Students and instructors communicate with each other through online forums, video conferences, and instant messages.

Due to the advancement of technology, a wide range of education-support tools and media are available online to students. In addition to the ability to access information online, computers and the Internet have changed the way students take classes. A degree-granting postsecondary institution had over 6.5 million students enrolled in distance learning in the fall of 2017.

A wealth of opportunities have also opened up for instructors and their institutions as a result of the advent of the online classroom and technologically infused instruction. A greater sense of flexibility in learners' learning schedules comes immediately to mind for many teachers. Depending on the platform, students might be able to watch lectures live or watch recording versions in the future. It is a benefit for students that teachers can appreciate.

Interactive learning for decreasing attention spans

In the age of growing technology, many students' attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. According to research, the rise of mobile technology has negatively impacted attention spans. Smartphones and laptops cause students to spend too much time on them, which can negatively impact their learning in class. The constant stimulation of technology overdependence makes concentrating in class difficult.

Learning in an interactive manner will continue to be popular in the years to come. In order to keep the attention spans of students, tech experts developed interactive tools with excellent visuals. Games can be used to engage and teach students using interactive learning technology, known as gamification.

Innovation in the subject matter

A great deal of importance is placed on detail in today's world. Furthermore, another important education trend in 2022 will be the variety of subjects being taught in mainstream colleges and universities. Courses and subject choices available these days are indeed out of the box and revolutionary in many ways, from applied linguistics to artificial intelligence, food anthropology to ethical hacking, or culture studies to abacus science.

As part of the course structure and assessment modules, students are also taught a practical approach, so they do not have to memorize anything. Non-mainstream subjects are beneficial for better understanding and deriving appropriate solutions to our current socio-political problems, but they are far from obsessed with engineering or medical degrees

Concept-Based learning anytime and anywhere

Digital technology promotes concept-based learning, which allows students to develop key skills and prepare them for future careers. Moreover, learning on a student-centered basis replaces learning centered around teachers. In recent years, the trend of learning has shifted from machines to mobile devices. Mobile phone penetration is increasing in the world, particularly in India, and digitalization is accelerating in both urban and rural areas.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our list of trends to watch in education for 2022-2025. There is a lot of excitement about where the education space is headed. There have been positive changes in the educational sector at every level of education. There is a significant change in reading materials and teaching techniques from the primary to the university level. By partnering with new age-relevant eLearning services, BrainCert will help instructors and students access the most relevant courses, assessments, virtual learning, and everything you need for a successful learning experience.

Keep an eye out for more, and keep visiting BrainCert.

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