5 Simple Start-Ups Online Education Business Ideas for 2022

The growing emphasis on students to learn more and increase their education and on adults to carry on with improving their education has built up this excess demand in the educational industry, you can launch a business that either improves the skills or teaches brand new skills. There are a fair amount of ways to teach and get paid online; Whether you are online teaching to make it your full-time job or just handy side hustle, teaching online can easily help you make some extra money.

Aside from the no public transport and no traffic and the opportunity to chat with different people all over the world, working as an online teacher means you can choose how much you work and where you work from, so your earning potential is truly in your own hands. The best way to do it is by offering online tutoring skills on a learning platform such as BrainCert. By using online learning platforms, you can do what you love and teach students while earning some extra money.

Selling Courses

The online course market will only continue to grow as it gains popularity. The perks of selling online courses are that you’ll get to create your schedule, become your own boss, and make good money. If you’re considering creating and selling online courses, I suggest you treat it like a physical business. If you want to ensure you’ll succeed, you’ll need to create a business plan.

  • Pick an online course topic

First, pick a subject that you’re great at or know plenty about. It helps if there’s a demand for your topic of classes.

  • Create your course content

Plan how many sections and lessons your course will have. Each lesson should be limited to only one or two key concepts. More importantly, split up longer video recordings into smaller segments.

  • Deliver your online course

You can hosts all your video and resource lessons on an online learning platform such as BrainCert.

With BrainCert, learners can easily add individual courses and the platform also has courses bundles to sell multiple courses in a bundle.

Selling Lesson Plan

A lesson plan is an outline of an individual lesson of what a teacher is going to teach in the class. It includes what the objective of the lesson is. When the curriculum is too wide, the teacher can plan the class well and finish the topics on time. It is essentially a preparation on the part of the teacher. It ensures that the teacher has thought about what is to be taught and how.

A lot of teachers around the globe are selling their lesson plans or activities. Most of the time other teachers buy their lesson plans to save their time. If you are or were a teacher or know how to teach about a particular subject, you can make passive income by designing and selling your own lesson plans to teachers across the world.

Tutoring Students

Even if you live in a developed city or a small town, being an online tutor is an outstanding advantage for everyone who likes to save commuting time and you will also save money on petrol, bus, or train tickets. You can teach students from any part of the world. since you may be in different zones it is just only a matter of coordinating the hours for tutoring.

With the help of internet and the BrainCert’s award-winning virtual classroom, you can make live classes teach your students.

Educational Toys

If you are not into teaching, you can create, manufacture and sell high-quality educational toys for children of all ages. As the demand for educational toys is growing among all ages of children. Before you launch any product, it needs to stand out in a crowd so make sure your products are unique enough. Once you know your competition you are all set to sell your product on BrainCert online shop.

BrainCert allows you to sell your physical and shippable products in the online shop and consumers can easily add individual courses, assessments, live classes, and products to a unified shopping cart and checkout once instead of buying each individual item separately.

Employee Training

Every company wants its employees to grow constantly and improve their education and skills. If you specialized in some skills, you offer to train employees who need to enhance their skills or you can make pre-employment with the help of BrainCert’s gamification tool to help companies test the skill of their potential employees.

Also, learners can redeem gamification points to redeem courses. BrainCert offers beautiful landing pages that convert, and public catalog pages to browse and buy products.

To Conclude

The advantages of learning platforms are that it is easier to find clients and get some experience. BrainCert allows you to set a price that you feel is suitable for your class and you are free to teach any subject that you want. It doesn’t just have to be the classic ‘school’ subjects, you could teach dance, baking, knitting, golf, or even gardening. There are literally no limits so you can teach pretty much anything.

Whether you are looking specifically for Education business ideas or just want to know what the best teaching business ideas are, we have you covered.

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