4 Steps to Choose the right LMS that fits your business

Choosing the right LMS for your business is a challenging task nowadays due to increase in the number of LMS platforms in the E-Learning market. A learning management system is a vital component of any business as it assist in employee onboarding, learner management and other various activities which are vital requirements of any business . A Large number of businesses today effectively make use of learning management system to train the existing employees and to onboard new employees.

LMS helps companies to organize large data volume and to train their employees with regards to compliance and industry regulations. It enhances learning process through improved resource allocation, accessibility and better personalization. It also helps organizations or companies to monitor the performance of the respective learners.

Finding a well-built learning management platform for your company doesn’t seems to be an easy task as you need to look around for so many things to help you with the return on investment and to boost the efficiency of your online training. The strategic investment in the right LMS can help you drive most of your employee training program.

Below are the steps to help you pick the right LMS

Though the selection process of LMS seems to be much complicated over the number of options available in the market, the below steps will give you an idea to choose a perfect LMS for your organization or business

1)Understand your requirements and audience

While choosing a LMS the important factor to consider is your requirements and your audience profile as it will help you better define your learning strategy. You need to be very clear about your objectives and the goals you are going to achieve through the LMS. Without setting a proper goal you cannot plan a training program that is effective.

You can set the following goals below

  • Reduce training costs by avoiding business trips
  • Create training courses rapidly
  • Increasing sales by 30%
  • Improve learner’s satisfaction

2)Explore the necessary features you need

You need to define your business requirements and make a list of features and functionalities you require in the LMS. Once you have identified the required features, look on for the LMS consists all the features as per your desire that fits your business. The best LMS comes packed with functionalities that cater to different range of learners. Explore the features such as easability, reporting interface, learning portals Integrations. Also check if the LMS is SCORM and xAPI complaint as this is an essential feature of an Enterprise LMS

3)Explore and Evaluate vendors

After defining your requirements, the next step is to explore and evaluate vendors. Now you need to narrow down your choice among the wide number of options available in the market. You go through the vendor’s website, their portfolio list or the client’s testimonials or you may also use the software suggestion portals like Capterra, Getapp and Finances Online to find the review

4)Take a free trial or demo before you buy

Always make sure that you try the product before you buy. Go for the one which has a free trail and demo and understand the usability and features of the product before you make a decision to buy.

Our Braincert’s LMS platform is a feature rich and cloud-ready learning and teaching platform to help you run a versatile online training and collaboration program for your employees or students with real time tracking of training results.

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