Introducing Paystack Payment Gateway for our African customers to get paid from anywhere

We are excited to announce the roll out of Paystack Payment Gateway integration for E-learning platforms and Enterprise LMS to help our African customers accept payments by anyone from anywhere in the world.

Braincert is partnered with leading payment gateway Paystack which is simple, fast and secure payment system that helps our African customers to enjoy a seamless transaction

Highlights of Paystack Integration to our platform

  • Our customers can accept international and local payments through multiple payment options including card payments, bank accounts, USSD and mobile money
  • Provides an intuitive payment experience
  • Customers can get automatic payments to their respective bank account
  • Payment security is guaranteed as it is protected by PCI-compliant

E-learning industry is booming in African countries to enhance the present education system. Technology has come to play a prominent role in the learning system whether it may be in school, universities or enterprise/corporate trainings in institutions as the approach method and form of learning has become dynamic.

People in African countries can improve their standard of education through E-learning as it includes numerous media types which delivers text, images, audio, streaming videos, interactive whiteboards, online collaboration, web-based training and many more to enhance the education

Technology makes a big difference in education so anyone can utilize the e-learning platforms effectively to achieve a particular goal.

Africa is one of the fastest growing e-learning markets and thus we have come up with the integration of Paystack for our E-learning platform and Enterprise LMS to help them learn or teach online and accept payments from worldwide clients or customers.

How to accept payments through Paystack ?

Follow the below steps

  • Visit and create an account. You can create it free
  • Now login to
  • After login, click on setting menu from the top right
  • In the settings page you can find “API keys & Webhooks” By clicking that you can find “Test Secret Key” and “Test Public Key”.  Copy both the keys.

paystack payment gateway

E-learning Platfom:

  • Login to Braincert and go to your membership dashboard
  • Navigate to “currency and payments” tab
  • Click on Paystack and just enter both the “secret key” and “public key” which you copied earlier and save your settings
  • Now go to payment settings and select Naira ₦ as your currency
  • Now you can start accepting international payments in your local currency

Enterprise LMS:

  • Login to your LMS and navigate to “Account & Settings”.Click on to Ecommerce under that
  • Select Paystack under Payment gateway and paste the copied “secret key” and “public key” and save settings
  • Under payment settings select Naira ₦ as your currency
  • Now you can start accepting international payments in your local currency
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