Create professional certificates for courses and tests using our newly redesigned online certificate maker

We’ve been busy over the last few months revamping our certificate designer tool for Enterprise LMS! We’ve made our certificate engine tool more streamlined, more intuitive and even more easy to use for you and your entire team to deliver course and test completion certificate online.

We’ve updated the entire interface from top to bottom with a new design and fun, new ways to get work done. Here are just a sampling of upgrades we’ve made:

New Responsive Certificate Canvas

Our newly designed certificate canvas is completely responsive and loaded with powerful features. With customizable fonts and custom tags, you can offer a one-of-a-kind and amazing certificate that your student would be happy to receive in just a few clicks.

Create a professional certificate with meaningful data

Pick one of our certificate templates or upload your own certificate background image and customize it with just few clicks.

Decorative Font Collection

A decorative font is the perfect way to grab the attention of readers. Help the recipient of the certificate feel special by writing their name in a bold, celebratory font. 

Depending on the purpose of your certificate, find fonts that are quirky and playful, cool and business-appropriate, and something in between. 

Browse through BrainCert's font library to find the right font to fit your event, brand, or individual recipient. Pick from a wide selection of sleek, modern fonts, decorative script fonts, dramatic gothic fonts, and more.


Editor like tools

Give your student the recognition they deserve. Pick a bold font for and use our editor like tools to align the text, change size and color.

Upload your logo or signature and use your brand color scheme and fonts.


Custom Certificate Number

Create auto generated unique certificate number based on the prefix, suffix and minimum digits. Insert the certificate number anywhere on the certificate canvas using the {certificate_number} custom tag.

Generating unique certificate number is an easy way to verify the certification. The certificate number is also included in both course and test reports and can be used to generate custom reports as well.


Drag-and-drop designer

This game changing certificate designer tool can make your life so much easier when it comes to delivering professional certificates online.

Unlike most LMS platforms that limit what can be done with certificates, BrainCert gives beginners and pros the flexibility to create an online certificate just like the paper ones.

Simply drag an object anywhere on the canvas and save it.


Insert custom tags and registration data

The most amazing feature with the certificate designer tool is the ability to import custom registration fields captured during the self-registration process.

Custom tags on the other hand allow you to generate dynamic content for each recipient on your list such us to automatically substitute student's name, course or test name and completion date.


Download certificates in print quality

Allow your students to download the course and test certificates as a high quality PDF file. Our certificate templates are formatted for standard A1-A5 papers, making the design-to-print process seamless.

The certificate can be automatically mailed after completion of the courses and tests or the student can download it from their dashboard anytime.

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