How to deliver a proper and engaged remote training program to your employees?

Remote employee training is one of the most required and trending topic right now and the major reason behind it is the COVID-19 crisis. Many companies and organizations having their employees working for them remote form all around the world and they have been forced to adopt a remote training model to their employees.

This may be good from employees perspective as they can work with more flexibility and manage their work-life balance. On the other hand this sudden shift has left many organizations struggling to deliver proper employee training. As employees are scattered across different cities and countries remote training is the only method and cost-effective solution to train the global workforce.

What is remote training?

The process of training provided to dispersed workforce across various locations. Training can be done through various training modules that involves webinars, podcasts, video conference, live chats, mobile apps, elearning courses etc., The objective is to ensure all employees comply with same level of skills and knowledge.

Benefits of remote employee training program

  • Helps better work life balance
  • Cost-effective
  • Increases overall productivity
  • Promotes employee well-being
  • Facilitates knowledge retention
  • Very convenient and affordable

Challenges of remote employee training

  • Ensuring learning continuity
  • Communication barriers
  • Finding the right blending learning model
  • Ensuring a cohesive company culture
  • Making the most of learning technologies

Though there are challenges involved in remote training program companies of many industries have effectively implemented remote training strategies to overcome the challenges.

Best practices to deliver a proper remote employee training

Focus on employees learning needs

Analyze the learning needs of your employees and work on it. Try to avoid the subject that employees are already familiar with. Research on the areas of development and draft a course on the subject that employees are really in need. A proper QA session or discussion with employees helps to identitify the areas of improvement.

1. Prepare an effective training schedule

A well structured training schedule will ensure everyone who are need in need of training can have seamless access to the training course materials at the said time and date. As a remote trainer you need to colloboarte frequently with your remote team and ensure that you are on the same page.

You can have a training attendance to make sure you have the attendees list which you can use it further to enhance the process of your training. It will be better if you organize your attendance reports, to-do lists, other important files and materials under one roof.

A right LMS software will help you achieve this where you can organize all your acivties under one roof.

2. Pre-class checklist

Before starting your remote training session a pre-class checklist or agenda will really help with the essential steps you need to focus in your training. It is always vital to share the pre-class checklist or agenda to the learners before the session as it helps to enhance your training and improves learning process.

3. Set learning goals

As learning goals are the backbone of training it is always important to set learning goals.These are used to guide learners and acess their learning progress. Powerful learning objectives will help learners while preparing for assesments and revieweing course materials. Learning objectives are more powerful if they are measurable and powerful.

4. Well structured training content

You need to come up with an interactive content that keeps learners engaged through out the course. You can either develop an interactive course by yourself from the scratch or there are many course creation softwares you can rely on to prepare the required course. Course creation softwares will help save your valuable time.

5. Sharing resources to employees

Once your training session ends you need to share the resources to your employees to go through. You need to have a common source to share the learning resources to employees. An LMS will be the best way to host your learning resources.

By having a powerful LMS solution you can make sure that your employees can access the materials at ease.

Ask for feedback

At the end of your training session it is always vital to ask for a feedback with employees. Your objective does not stop in just delivering a training and you need to figure out what works and what doesn't work. You can condut a survey to your employees to gather the feedback. Based on the feedback provided you can improvise the training next time.

Finding the right remote training platform:

A right remote training platform will help you deliver training in a way that's flexible and efficient. Evaluate your requirements with respect to

  • Budget you can afford for the software
  • Number of people who will need access to the platform
  • Required features

BrainCert Enterprise LMS

BrainCert is an all-in-one solution that offers more than any LMS platform can offer and helps to create unique interactive learning experiences.

With the integrated course creation tools you can design the course the way you want. You can create interactive course using our pre-defined set of customizable templates with just a click of a button.

Our powerful content mangement system helps you to upload or embed any kind of content such as DOC, PPT, PDF, HTML, SCORM, and VIDEO in to an online courseware in minutes.


BrainCert LMS comes with in-built Virtual Classrom which is a most powerful way to deliver live webinars and conferences. And the fact that now our classroom is available in 50 languages, learners/instructors from almost any country can avail our classroom.


Finally to complement your remote training you can provide automated certificates to your learners who have successfully completed your training session.

Do you plan to start your remote training?

As lot of organizations offer remote working options to their employees, it is always vital to have a proper training program to ensure effective data retention and maximum output

When you have remote training at place make sure to check its effectiveness by monitoring the results through an LMS that has all powerful and innovative features like BrainCert.

Sign up for a free 14 days trail and start exploring the features of BrainCert Unified Training Platform and check how it can help your remote team with effective and engaging training.

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